Calibrated Steel Plates
Calibrated Steel Plates - 250gmCalibrated Steel Plates - 1/2KgCalibrated Steel Plates - 1.25KgChallenge Barbell’s Fractional Plate - 2kgCalibrated Steel Plates - 2.5KgCalibrated Steel Plates - 5KgCalibrated Steel Plates - 10KgCalibrated Steel Plates - 15KgCalibrated Steel Plates - 20KgCalibrated Steel Plates - 25Kg

Calibrated Steel Plates


Our range of calibrated, metal steel powerlifting plates is built and coloured in accordance with the Global Power Lifting Alliance and International Powerlifting Federation norms for easy identification and use. We have plates ranging from 250 grams all the way through to 25 kilograms. The fractional plates enable you to make the smallest of jumps required for a strength progression plan. The plates are built to be used with 50mm size sleeve barbell. These weights are available individually as well as part of our 'Challenge Barbell' Power Lifting and Weightlifting Set.

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