CHALLENGE Barbell is the official partner of “Strongman India”

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Powerlifting, Strongman India, WeightliftingChallenge Barbell, India’s No. 1 certified barbell manufacturer and exporter of wide range of weightlifting and Powerlifting equipments for Sale has declared as Official Partner of newly formed “Strongman India”. Challenge Barbell and S.Kumar Incorporation associate with Strongman India and creates a sports team. Strongman India will be sanctioned by SCL and will be governing body of them.

“We are proud to announce that we have signed an agreement with Challenge Barbell and S.Kumar Incorporation for a new strongman organization in India,” said Marcel Mostert, Director, Strongman Champions League (SCL). He has also said “India has been so far not involved in strongman. Well, now they are,”.

SCL and Strongman India has a specific aim to organize national and international competitions within next 2 years. Strongman India provides the opportunities of Indian athletes by promoting numerous professional strongman event across the country . Indian athletes are ensured getting the opportunities abroad through Strongman Champions League in worldwide.

Strongman India has organized the first amateur-to-professional strongman sports program with Strongman Champions League (SCL). This association helps the young athletes to be mature in amateur ranks while having opportunity to compete in Strongman India sanctioned events. Strongman India exhorts for developing strongman game in the district level or international level by SCL membership countries. It will host the annual Strongman Challenge Classic and admitted players will join SCL World game.

The president and founder of this association Sanjit Paul has associated with strength training equipments and weightlifting and Powerlifting business last few decades, is very happy about their new cooperation between Strongman and SCL . Where as Rajeev Charak, a Former Player of national weightlifting, National power lifting & bodybuilding and Former Vice president of North India body building & Fitness Association has elected as Chairman of Event Organize for Strongman India. Arjun Gulati, National Gold medalist in Weightlifting Sports Forest game, National Record Holder Bench Press Championship and Gold Medalist of National Power lifting Championship has been declared as CEO of Technical & Event Organise.

India will be popular in Olympic lifting and Powerlifting sports in worldwide if SCL and Strongman India would start the national and international competitions as soon as possible. It would be great initiative to inspire the young athletes and they will get opportunity to compete the events. For more details please check out

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