Difference between Weightlifting Barbells & Powerlifting Barbells

Weightlifting vs Powerlifting

Weightlifting vs Powerlifting

Do you know what is the difference between Weightlifting Barbell and Power lifting Barbell?

Here is an in-depth analysis to explain the difference between those two types of barbells. In Weightlifting , a lifter attempts a maximum-weight single movement. But on other hand, powerlifting is the lifter gets three attempt in each lift.

Weightlifting Barbells

Weightlifting barbells, commonly known as Olympic lifting barbells consists of two types- snatch and the clean and jerk. Both of which involves taking heavy weight from the floor and lifting above competitors head. The snatch is a single-part lift by which user takes the weight from floor to overhead in one move. The clean and jerk , a two part lift by which weight is taken from floor to shoulder height and above. The Generally, Olympic bars have a finer gauge in their knurling. The men’s bar has also knurling in the middle of the bar. Generally it’s 2.2 meters (approx 7.2 feet) long & 20 Kgs (approx 44 Lbs) in Weight. But in case of Women’s bar, It doesn’t have centre knurling. And it is 2.1 meters long (6.9 feet) in length & 15 kgs (approx 33 lbs) in weight. Olympic barbells has several unique features. One feature is the  ability to store elastic energy of the bar. Professional athletes can use this flexibility of the bar their during a lift. Olympic bars must also have smooth sleeves.

Powerlifting Barbells

Power lifting consists of three types of lift- squat, bench press and deadlift. It is the obvious difference between the competition lifting equipments. In the squat, competitors involves a heavy barbell across their shoulder height, then bend their legs until their knees are bent and thereafter raise their body back up. In the bench press involves lying on your back, with the bar lowered to your chest and pressed to arms’ length, and the deadlift involves taking a barbell from the floor and, with your arms straight, lifting it so you stand completely upright. The difference of powerlifting barbell from weightlifting barbell is that it is more stiff or rigid in order to better taking the heavier weights. Generally Powerlifting bar is same dimensions of the Olympic bar, it also allows more weight to be added. Marking on the bar is different between those two type barbells. The grip marks are closer on a power bar than Olympic bar. Power bar has 32 inches apart grip marks but 36 inches on an Olympic bar. Power bars don’t need for the smooth sleeves to spin so but Olympic bars must have smooth rotating sleeves.

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